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Steel Battalion Has Gut-Stuffing and Corpse-Dismembering

Posted Mon, 02 Apr 2012 by James Newton

The battle is on

The battle is on

What more do you need?

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is Kinect's next mature game and it sounds like it may even give Rise of Nightmares a run for its money in the adult stakes.

The ESRB rated the game M for Mature, citing "Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes" — not something you'd expect in a Kinect game about giant vertical tanks — and "Strong Language". The ESRB has given considerable insight into the kinds of gory tasks you'll have to perform:

The game contains several depictions of blood and gore—characters getting decapitated, bodies severed in half; a couple of sequences require players to cut off a corpse's limb or hold a soldier's intestines in place.

Sounds even better than the game's dialogue, which contains occasional sexual references such as:

“[I]'m gonna be up to my ears in p*ssy, man,” “I think that moaning is giving me a hard-*n down here,” “Is Sarge pitching a tent?”

Excitement level: +500.


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1. teamdoa United Kingdom 03 Apr 2012, 11:55 BST

Well, Star Wars Kinect has ended up a big let down. There are now only two games worth holding onto your Kinect for in the hope they end up being good, this and Crimson Dragon.

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