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Capcom Reveals Steel Battalion Pre-Order Bonuses

Posted Mon, 23 Apr 2012 by James Newton

Blam blam

Blam blam

Get tanked

If you've decided to make Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor one of your Kinect purchases this year, now the question is "where will you buy it from?" as Capcom's revealed three separate pre-order bonuses for three separate retailers.

Here's what you get from each retailer:

Amazon — Carbon Assassin Armory
Armour: Savannah — "strike hard and fast with high-speed bullet velocity"
Armour: Storm — "engage distant prey with increased shooting range"

Best Buy — Chrome Blitzer Armory
Armour: Impact — "outmanoeuvre the enemy with increased turning speeds"
Armour: Tiger — "tear down their defences with devastating destructive power"

GameStop — Iron Guardian Armory
Armour: Rock — "shrug off enemy advances with reinforced defensive power"
Armour: Jaguar — "outpace the attackers with accelerated travel speeds"

So there you have it — go long and fast, powerful and fast or strong and fast. The options are limitless.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is out in June. Which pre-order pack will you go for?

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