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This Kinect Sports Superstars Video is Tiring Even to Watch

Posted Fri, 15 Apr 2011 by James Newton

Who emerged as the sharpest competitor?

Who emerged as the sharpest competitor?

Let's get sweaty

Yesterday Microsoft staged its Kinect Sports Superstars event, in which some of the UK's greatest sportsmen and women faced off on Rare's fantastic Kinect Sports to see who was better: legendary champions or London Olympics 2012 hopefuls.

To let you into the competitive spirit Microsoft fired over some new footage showing the gruelling efforts of those taking part in the deceivingly light-hearted event. Make no mistake: this was serious business.

The Kinect Sports Superstars event was just a prelude to Microsoft's ambition to break a Guinness World Record for the most competitors in a 100m sprint, using Kinect Sports and Xbox Live as part of Xbox Live Nations' free weekend of Xbox Live Gold. The record attempt is 23rd April at 6pm BST.

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1. Dazza United Kingdom 15 Apr 2011, 17:08 BST

Yeah it does look exhausting alright... Amy Williams is certainly not a big-boned lass, but I think it's a bit rude to refer to her as a 'skeleton'! :-p


2. James Newton United Kingdom 15 Apr 2011, 17:52 BST

+5 Internet comedy points to you, Dazza!


3. dirtyvu United States 15 Apr 2011, 18:17 BST

the girl is cute! I'm curious how Darius did at Kinect's table tennis.

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