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Join the workout revolution!

With this innovative and easy-to-use technology, working out has never been so fun! You can get access to the results-driven fitness programs and diet expertise from The Biggest Loser. Let them guide you through this life-changing journey as you become one of The Biggest Loser success stories.

When it comes to losing weight, the experts from The Biggest Loser know what works and what doesn't. This interactive fitness program emulates the competitive and training elements of the hit NBC show, while helping you to accomplish your goals. Today is the Day you take your workout to the next level. The journey to a new you starts right here, right now! Read More »

  • Integrate a Stability Ball, Resistance Bands or Free Weights to your workout.
  • Choose from Bob Harper or Jillian Michaels to be your trainer.
  • Choose from 10 dynamic preset routines or customize your own.
  • Select from various challenges to take your fitness workouts to the next level.
  • Grab a friend and workout with up to three players online.

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Europe Tue, 23 Nov 2010 by James Newton

Let's get physical

It’s no surprise that plenty of developers have seen Kinect’s potential for fitness games, with Ubisoft’s Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, Zumba Fitness and more titles undoubtedly on the way. Now entering the mix is THQ’s The Biggest Loser: Ultimate..

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1. Karman United States 03 Jan 2011, 03:03 GMT

I got this game for Chirstmas and can't wait to use it but the my xbox wouldn't read the disc so we returned go another one and once again xbox keeps thinking it is a dvd. I even tried it on my uncle's xbox and it didn't work either we got four other kinnect games for Christmas and they all work great anybody else having this problem. I have call THQ and xbox support and tried trouble shooting and I will be call THQ again tomorrow.


2. James Germany 03 Jan 2011, 11:18 GMT

Sounds like it's definitely the disc causing the issues - make sure it's a copy intended for your region, and contact the store again if possible. Good luck getting the game to work, it's worth the effort!


3. gindog United States 05 Jan 2011, 16:57 GMT

I got this for my wife and self for Chirstmas and we are have some fun workouts. Could someone help us set up where we can have 2 different player.


4. Ginnella United States 24 Feb 2011, 18:47 GMT

Is this fat person friendly cuz im finding that tho I love the cardie boxing on your shape . the exercise routines are Killing my knees so my new motto is the fat lady isnt singing she is screaming..


5. sambo85 United Kingdom 17 Jul 2011, 23:08 BST

Hi everyone! Im going on holiday to ibiza in may 2012 and i wanna shift some weight but dont know what fitness workouts to do!!!!! (the biggest loser ultimate workout or zumba)!!! I am over weight so i really do need to shift the pounds. could any body let me know what game would work ANY GAME!!!!! THANKS =)


6. popcakequeen United Kingdom 05 Feb 2012, 16:05 GMT

Anyone know how to change the time for your exercise set, I change mine from 20 to 40mins but want to change it back. Can't find anywhere to change it.


7. Beath United States 27 Mar 2012, 21:46 BST

PLEASE HELP! Does anyone know how to use a exercise ball with this game? I heard that I need to add it to a fitness toolbox, but I can't find that anywhere. I know you can you one b/c you can buy it with one but I already had a ball so I just bought the game.

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