Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay Exclusive Trailer Review

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

Suicide Squad: Hell to pay is another animated movie from DC Studios . It will be coming in the form of a DVD, Blue-ray, and it will also be in a digital way where one can watch the internet. It will be ready during the year through the Warner Bros, Animation, the DC entertainment, The Home entertainment.

The characters

Christian Slater is the main cast of the trailer as the voice of dead shot; Tara Strong of DC Animation is again taking the role of Harley Quinn. Other characters include Kristin Bauer who acts as the killer frost, Billy Brown who is seen as Bronze Tiger, Vanessa Williams as Amanda Waller, Liam McIntyre as Captain Boomerang and Gideon Emery who acts as Copperhead.

The Voice Cast

Those who participated in voice casting were Thomas Howell who is the Outcast, The Outsider, and Justice. The one who participated as zoom was Dania Ramirez. He is seen as the Heroes, Devious Maids, and is heard staring the story narration in the voice “once upon a time.” James Urbaniak has his voice as the scandal savage; he is heard in the cast of the Venture Bros, as well as in challenging people. The sound of Julie Nathanson is used as the Professor Pyg. In Silver Banshee, we have the sound of Jim Pirri being heard.


Hell to pay Trailer is currently given the ratings of R. This is because of its intense, bloody violence that is seen in the movie from its start to the end. It also has some sexual content in it, with some graphic nudity. It makes it unacceptable to be watched by everyone since it is pornographic in some parts. It also involves some drug materials that are used and showed in the movie. Due to this, it gained this rating.

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The Synopsis

The movie gets Amanda Waller’s top secret which is the Task Force X shot dead, Killer Frost, Bronze Tiger, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang and Copperhead on a mission to retrieve a mystical object that is so powerful that they are ready to put their lives into risk by stealing it. The suicide squad is not the only villain’s group that is looking forward to owning the object.

The competition is on to receive the golden prize. They have put their lives in the second place. It shows that despite this, them staying live is not an option. Hence, they have to work as hard as possible to ensure that they remain alive so that they can get the gold prize.

The Suicide Squad

The creative team of Hell Pays comprises of the producer or the director who is Sam Liu. The co-producer Alan Burnett wrote the script, and the executive producers include James Tucker and Sam Register.

Hell to Pay is a trailer that will be fascinating to watch. But not all people should watch the movie. It is advisable for one to watch it alone or with the right group of people. Children under the adult’s age should not watch this because of the nude photos are shown in it.

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Deadpool 2 Release Date: Everything You Need To Know

2-3 years ago, people would have laughed if you told them Deadpool 2 would be the most highly anticipated upcoming superhero blockbusters. But now, following the immense success of the first Fox movie and another classic Marvel Studio Movie, which starred Ryan Reynolds, the world cannot wait for more R-rated, hyperkinetic action comedy, the way only the mouthiest merc can deliver it! Here you can find all you need to know about the Deadpool sequel.

Deadpool 2

The Deadpool 2 Release Date

When you consider that the first film was more than 10 years in the making, it is remarkable how quickly the sequel is moving. Of course, everyone is hoping this won’t have an impact on the movie’s quality. Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are back on board, along with Drew Goddard, so the project is in good hands. And we have seen plenty of footage in the form of teasers and trailers.

The original movie’s core creative team didn’t all make it into the second round. Director Tim Miller was originally said to be on board, but he left the project after differences with star Ryan Reynolds on the direction the film was taking. There have been rumors that these differences were related to the casting and tone of Cable, and differing stories as to whether the differences were amicable. Eventually, David Leitch, the co-director of John Wick, took the reins for Deadpool 2 instead.

Shooting on the project began back in June 2017. Simon Kinberg, the leader of Fox’s X-Men franchise, said that Deadpool 2 should be out in 2018. The release date was originally set for June 1, but it was subsequently moved up to May 18, 2018, coinciding with a lengthy delay to the other X-Men spinoff The New Mutants. The working title for Deadpool 2 is Love Machine, which is presumed to be about Cable, who has some mechanical body parts. We also learned that the character Deadpool would play a part in the team movie X-Force.

New Mutants in Deadpool 2

The Deadpool 2 announcements are still in the relatively early stages, but there is no question that Ryan Reynolds is returning as the titular character. He truly owned the character in the first movie, and no-one would accept a sequel without him. Morena Baccarin is expected to return as Wade’s partner Vanessa Carlysle, and sidekick Weasel is likely to be played again by TJ Miller. Furthermore, we expect to see Nagasonic Teenage Warhead, Colossus and cab driver Dopinder return, played by Brianna Hildebrand, Stefan Kopic, and Karan Soni respectively.

After much rumor and speculation, and plenty of competition to land the role, the coveted part of Cable was finally granted to Josh Brolin. He worked hard on getting the right look for the part, and everyone is pretty convinced by the pictures that have been released. There will also be the inclusion of a new mercenary in the form of Domino, whose association with both Deadpool and Cable is extensive. Atlanta star Zazie Beetz has been announced for that part.

The movie’s villain is rumored to be Black Tom Cassidy, who is the cousin of the X-Men’s Banshee. Jack Kesy from The Strain has landed this part, and there also seem to be unknown parts for British actor Eddie Marsan and Hunt for the Wilderpeople’s Julian Dennison. But don’t worry; Deadpool 2 is still all about Deadpool as a solo hero. No ensemble films here.

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Marvel Studio Upcoming Movie ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Trailer Review


Yet another uncanny Avengers sequel has taken the world by storm. I indeed can’t controvert that big bucks of money were splashed to fabricate another epic stand-off. ‘But at to what cost?’ What makes the Avengers Infinity War Special? Marvel Studio is still working on the final edits of the movie.

What’s about with storyline?

To start with, cliche dominates the storyline. Expect no difference. Just the same incessantly arising new enemies and voila! The saviors set the pace.

Let’s dig in a little deeper.

And so, what is it about?

Descending from the cosmic shadows appears a new enemy ‘Thanos’, who’s on a quest to assemble all six infinity stones which possess unimaginable powers. Am sure you’ve already digested what’s next. For those who are floating, the lunacy villain will use those artifacts stones to terrorize humans. That probably didn’t work for me.

The astonishing factors

As for Thor Ragnarok, you will even be surprised, the Armour of destruction, as we are well aware, has taken a back seat. We can’t understate the weight of this situation. ‘Thanos’ regarding brutality can’t relate to a child’s play. My take is that ‘Thor’ is always the big dog on the team. And now he sets theme with an axe the tool that wraps up nostalgia that dates back at the ‘Jarnbjorn’ tales and twists. We also get this as a full package from the first trailer.

‘Mjolnir’ is now vanished in thin air. We are yet to encounter how he would correspond back to his old tool. Quite a miniature of villains are worth it to mesh up earth’s dominant heroes and guardians of the galaxy. But not for this movie.

This pinpoints one to imagine the mighty power of ‘Thanos’. Who knows, Thor’s old-time weapon might be the core factor that conceals the fate of ‘Thanos’.

What we expect

The trailer made a statement-intense action. We also are a little bit thirsty for some sacrifice. At least to spike some heartfelt experience blended with an emotional touch. ‘Come on’, all-time-movies the villain’s motives seems to be shattered right in between the square of their eyes. It is fair, after all, who likes the bad guys. But it also can’t go wrong when the good side offers a fair share of their losses.

Pop up details about the ‘Spider Dude.’

The somehow gawky suit of Spider-Man can be downright the perfect gift from the Iron Man a.k.a Tony Stark of Stark Industries. But that is just a by the way. ‘Iron Spider Suit’ as the fans have it.

The catch

And what is derived is that an intellectual mind was needed to extract the hidden details on the trailer. Fanatics holds true in this peculiarity. Having so much money invested in, I hope it will not flop at its release. The odds of that seems pretty bit low too. This is backed upon by their eye-catching trailer. As the saying goes, first impressions cannot be undone.

Is it worth watching?

The movie deserves laurels, on a point that they don’t disappoint us on end. Chilling astonishing, ‘omg’, too beguiling. Let the end seize a virtue of rarity stance.

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Movie Review & Summary: Marvel’s Spider-Man Homecoming

There is more than one “Spider-Man” movie was made on the screen back since 1977 as a TV series. The storyline of Spider-Man Homecoming is pretty much similar in most of the movies about “Peter Parker” the freelance photographer who lives with his aunt and gets his abilities after being bitten by an altered spider, so he got more of spider skills that made him super natural.

Spider Man Homecoming

The Storyline this time in Spider-Man

‘Homecoming’ which is a different view of the Spider-Man character this time. Our hero is a high school student. The character was first introduced in the airport fighting scene in “Captain America: Civil War” when the Spider-Man stole captain America’s shield. So this new movie series is about the boy who is being supported and funded by “Tony Stark” as a new avenger, And the new suit that Tony Stark gave to Peter has made his skills and abilities more advanced. Spider-Man Homecoming is now available on Showbox App for free. Visit Showbox official page or download here the latest version on ShowBox APK.

The movie starts with events that followed the “Battle Of New York” when the Avengers fought aliens. So “Adrian Toomes” with his team was contracted to clean the city from the remaining things of the alien conquest, Then their mission is canceled taken over by the “Department Of Damage Control” which was a partnership between Tony Stark and the American government. So “Toomes” convinces his
employees that they can continue working with what they have got so far from this crash. And soon they have used it for building and selling Hi-tech weapons to gangs for eight years.

After Peter Parker was supported by Tony Stark, He continued his education in high school waiting for the moment that he can be an official Avenger with Stark and his friends. So the young boy focuses on fighting crime every day to train and to test all of his abilities, until one day he stops a gang from robbing ATM using the Hi-Tech weapons they bought from Toomes. Later on during the movie, Peter gets support from his friend “Ned” who is a tech freak after accidentally knowing his secret.

The movie is considered a really strong step from “Marvel” to be back on track in the competition with DC comics that is getting tougher every year.

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  • Many Critics gave a positive feedback about “Tom Holland” himself for being the new Spider-Man. Saying that he is the only one who has the real Spider-Man spirit that was naturally developed in the comics. He is youthful, Energetic and developing a sense of humor most of the time. Also, many people praised the selection of the character’s age as a young boy who is in high school and starting the movie series in reasonable time.
  • .The character of “Adrian Toomes” was well crafted and played on the screen. An ideal villain, if we need to measure how crafted are the one on one scenes with Spider-man and the quality of acting that “Michael Keaton” provided on the screen.
  • The fighting scenes were well crafted…. You can easily see how strong is the new Spider-Man and how strong are his opponents. Same goes for the final scenes between the Spider-man and the Vulture which showed us the different character sides of Toomes, Who was the father, the murderer, the Villain and the thief.

Also, Peter showed well proven strong scenes of characteristic changes, the hero felt guilty, responsible and he felt empathy for his girlfriend’s father and tried to save him at the end.

  • The movie for many people was an ideal start for the new Spider-Man series. Especially if the character will appear in a lot of future Marvel universe movies. People and critics are optimistic about what is upcoming for the character.
  • Many critics have given a dozen of positive feedback comments for the scene of the “Washington Monument” which showed great shooting and acting for all people who took part of it.
  • The Timeline of the movie was one of the few things that puzzled the audience and the critics a bit. If the film is taking place eight years after the “Battle of New York” so we should be in 2020 when Peter is in high school…!!

Marvel didn’t actually reply yet on this comment, but many critics recommended waiting for the next movie of the Avengers which will reveal the answer to this question.

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