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Lionhead "Tells The Tale" of Fable: The Journey

Posted Fri, 17 Aug 2012 by Ken Barnes

How do you like me now?

How do you like me now?

New video documentary tells all.

Lionhead have released a new video documentary that explains a little bit more about the game.

Focusing mainly on the main character - Gabriel - various Lionhead staff such as Creative Director Gary Carr and Producer Jennifer Clixby take the time to tell us about some of the things you'll find in the game, including the fact that the Albion in the game is some three times larger than the Albion of Fable III, for example. Also, some of the larger bosses are shown off.

We've added the video to our (which you've subscribed to, right?), and you can check it out below.

With just weeks to go until Fable: The Journey hits the shelves, we're absolutely psyched. The demo hits on September 19th, and the full game launches in October.

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