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Lionhead Thinks Fable: The Journey Can Be Its Best Game

Posted Tue, 17 Jul 2012 by Mike Mason

Not quite the expected reaction

Not quite the expected reaction

Best foot forward

Fable: The Journey came face to face with a lot of criticism after it was first shown off at E3 2011, but Lionhead believes those days are behind it. In fact, Lionhead creative director Gary Carr reckons it has the potential to be the studio's best game.

Carr told CVG that the backlash from the game's initial showing "destroyed" the team. During a year without promotion, Lionhead worked hard and was rewarded with much more positive feedback when it next approached the press.

We decided then to go quiet for a while, not promote the game for a year, and then give it to the press to just play. I mean, I can't really recall a time when we gave a game to the press and just left them to it. But we had to do it. By that stage, Fable: The Journey wasn't something we could have PRed, it wasn't something that we could have promoted on its own, we just had to show it to people and let them decide for themselves.

Asked whether Fable: The Journey could be Lionhead's best game, Carr responded in the affirmative.

I do think it can. We're right in the bug fixing phase. This is where it's all critical. When the build gets it right, when the balance is right, I'm blown away by how good it is. I'm like, if anyone touches this build, you're fired.

You can read plenty more about the effect that the negative feedback had on the team, its attitude to Kinect and a Lionhead without Peter Molyneux in the full interview.

Fable: The Journey is due for release on 9th October in North America, 12th October in the UK.

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