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Video Proof That Kids Love Kinect

Posted Wed, 16 Nov 2011 by James Newton



Who knew?

Want to know what good kids' games are available for Kinect? Other than the fact you've come to the right place, Microsoft has put out a video showing exactly how much fun child actors can have when playing on Kinect.

The video below shows some of the available and upcoming games for Kinect that young ones of all ages should enjoy, from Kinect Disneyland Adventures to Kinectimals: Now with Bears!, so is worth watching as a video montage alone. Perhaps.

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1. teamdoa United Kingdom 16 Nov 2011, 14:42 GMT

Looks like they have now decided Kinect is for "kids" or using it as an excuse for the quality of their current crop of releases. If it is aimed at kids I guess they think they can get away with the quality,


2. AppleSprode United Kingdom 16 Nov 2011, 14:51 GMT

You say that as if the quality of releases has dropped, teamdoa. In the last 6 months Kinect has had its most critically acclaimed titles. Child of Eden, The Gunstringer, Dance Central 2, Sesame Street and now Disneyland Adventures looks like it might be the most acclaimed Kinect game of the year. They're not getting away with it because some of those are aimed at kids, they're getting away with it because those are good games.


3. James Germany 16 Nov 2011, 15:17 GMT

I agree: Kinect has had some really good games lately. Sure, it's had some stinkers too, but show me a platform that hasn't!

Kinect was always supposed to be about families and kids anyway — if you look back at the original 'concept' video it was kids and parents, not core gamers.


4. Cleets United States 16 Nov 2011, 15:25 GMT

You cannot be serious AppleSprode. Please tell me your kidding. Critically acclaimed titles? Child of Eden was what, 3 hours long? If your going to put DC2 up there you may as well throw in the other 500 dancing games. Heck, throw in all the work out games too. The Wii version always stumps them anyway.

Do you play sesame street and Disneyland adventures? How about Kinectamals? I doubt it. How many Kinect titles are in the top selling 10? 0 20? 0 60? 4 with only 2 of the titles you listed making an appearance. All you did was make teamdoa's comment look even better... I have faith in the Kinect, but I almost completely regret purchasing it when I did for this exact reason.


5. James Germany 16 Nov 2011, 16:17 GMT

What's the length of Child of Eden got to do with it? Likewise, why mention sales? Gaming's about what you like and enjoy, not what other people are buying or how long games are, surely.


6. davahsa United States 17 Nov 2011, 01:54 GMT

Kids do love Kinect and mine are no exception. All game platforms mature in time......gotta crawl before you can walk! It wasn't that long ago when the hardcore fps player proclaimed that the mouse and keyboard were the only way to play.


7. teamdoa United Kingdom 17 Nov 2011, 10:34 GMT

That TV looks small considering how far back they are.

"You say that as if the quality of releases has dropped" Yes, it went from a few good titles, then terrible unless you want to buy games aimed at children.


8. teamdoa United Kingdom 17 Nov 2011, 10:40 GMT

I also I just want to say, I have nothing against Kinect, just the quality of a majority of the titles Microsoft seem to be happy with as the large majority is shovelware. I do agree, Child of Eden was a good game, but it was more of a tech demo, something that would have been more at home as a downloadbale XBOX Live title as it is so short. I think one of the main reasons why Kinect won't get that much better is the fact the hardware is underpowered already.

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