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New Patent Suggests Kinect Can Tell Your Age

Posted Tue, 04 Oct 2011 by James Newton

It's all so clear now

It's all so clear now

Blocks inappropriate content too

Kinect has no end of patents connected to it, but one of the more interesting registrations has just surfaced online, suggesting that the sensor can work out a player's age.

Using its skeletal maps, Kinect could be able to discern the likely age of anyone in its viewing range, and block inappropriate content accordingly. We don't just mean not letting little Jimmy or Sally play that new copy of Rise of Nightmares — if a child entered the room while an age-rated game or film was on the 360, Kinect could automatically switch to safe content before switching back when the sprog leaves the area.

At the moment the patent is awaiting approval and may not ever make it a finished product, but it's another fascinating insight into Microsoft's plans for the future of Kinect.


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1. Magi United States 05 Oct 2011, 12:36 BST

"Big Brother" here we come... Next thing you know, our cars will be ratting us out if we exceed the speed limit. Oh wait...

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