Rise of Nightmares (Xbox 360)

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Immerse yourself in a full motion action horror experience like never before. Use your whole body in a fight to survive one hellish night.

Rise of Nightmares™, is a truly mature experience for Kinect®. Survive one hellish night as you fight hand to hand against undead enemies using knives, chainsaws and your bare hands. Rip your foes limb from limb while uncovering the location of your kidnapped wife.

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Europe Sun, 18 Sep 2011 by James Newton


Kinect has been on the market for a less than a year, and in that time has amassed no fewer than six dancing games, five fitness titles and an alarming number of minigame compilations, but where are the more mature titles for single players after a story?..

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  • Rise of Nightmares Racked Up a Scary 200,000 Sales (1st Nov 11)
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  • Rumour: Rise of Nightmares Due for Release in June (6th Apr 11)
  • Rise of Nightmares ESRB Rating Heavy On the Sex and Violence (25th Mar 11)

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1. Gertmint United Kingdom 02 Aug 2011, 09:21 BST

Nice to see a game for the grown ups on the Kinect, hope this turns out to be fun. I think if you play this game you'll end up looking like a zombie too, waving your arms about in frantic manner in you living room.

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