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Rise of Nightmares Comic is Huge, Weird and So, So Gory

Posted Fri, 30 Sep 2011 by James Newton

Toy Story 4 plot exposed

Toy Story 4 plot exposed

So ticks all the boxes

Regardless of what you thought about Rise of Nightmares, it wasn't short on blood and guts, and neither is the new comic put out by SEGA to promote the game.

Titled Rise of Nightmares: The Lost Tapes of Roland Childs, the comic is pretty gory but also pokes a little fun at itself in places, particularly exactly why there are so many cassette tapes lying around. It's twisted stuff as you'd expect from a game that lets you kick a zombie into a circular saw, but that only makes us love it all the more.

You can download your free comic (32MB) and be sure to read our Rise of Nightmares review for more on Kinect's bloodiest game yet.

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