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Project Draco is Child of Eden Meets Panzer Dragoon

Posted Mon, 19 Sep 2011 by James Newton

So good.

So good.

That should be enough

It's been a year since we heard anything about Project Draco, the dragon-based shooting game from Yukio Futatsugi, formerly of legendary Panzer Dragoon developer Team Andromeda. The game was shown behind closed doors at this year's Tokyo Games Show though, and 1up snagged some time with it.

The good news is the team describes the game as Child of Eden meets Panzer Dragoon, with one hand used to 'tag' targets and the other for letting loose your attacks. There's three-player online co-op play and a virtual pet element as you raise your dragon on food you earn from completing missions, but the best news — or worst, perhaps — is that Project Draco is Kinect-exclusive.

That's right: unlike Child of Eden, you can't decide to pick up your pad and play, with full body movement the only input the game will recognise.

1up also states the game is heading to Xbox Live Arcade, whereas previously it was believed to be a retail release.

Project Draco has been near the top of our most-wanted list since it was revealed last year, and we can't wait to go hands-on with it in 2012.


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