Project Draco (Xbox Live Arcade)

Game Profile

Humanity has discovered a new frontier planet to colonize in the outskirts of space.

It is a world governed by dragons. The colonists befriended these dragons to carve out a presence on this planet, and the dragons fought alongside them.
Embark on a 3D dragon flight shooter as you control your dragon with Kinect to take on massive and hostile alien creatures.

Train your dragon to learn new skills, and take on massive enemies in numerous quests. Combine several dragon types with more than 150 skills to challenge the quests how you see fit. Read More »

Once online, invite your friends for a co-op attempt at the quests. Collaboration with your teammates may yield unseen new skills!

Now, with Kinect as your reigns, command your dragon to take on the skies!

The exhilaration and excitement of flight, delivered through Kinect — Intuitive Kinect controls and beautiful Xbox360 graphics merge to create a thrilling and exciting air combat 3D shooter.

Intuitive control scheme — Use your body balance to control the dragon and attack enemies with your hands.

  • Raise the perfect dragon
    Defeated enemies give the player food items, which can then be fed to the dragon, who learns skills through this. Some food items are very rare.
  • Quests
    Through various quests infested with unique, menacing creatures and massive, powerful bosses, the player learns the secrets behind his dragon.
    Train your dragon to take on quests of increasing difficulty and aim for the top of the Leaderboards.
  • Online Multiplayer
    Take the dragon you raised online to engage in co-op play
    Collaborate with your friends to take down massive boss monsters. Online play might give you better and more precious loot!?

Game Status

Announced by Microsoft

Game Screenshots

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