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343 Industries Still Firming Up Halo Anniversary's Kinect Modes

Posted Mon, 19 Sep 2011 by James Newton

Master the Chief with Kinect

Master the Chief with Kinect

What will they be?

Halo and Kinect: it's happening. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary will support the sensor, but so far 343 Industries and Microsoft haven't let anything slip about just how we'll see the two combine. We know the features will be "cool", but now we have a tiny bit more information to go on.

Joystiq spoke to 343 head Frank O'Connor recently, and he revealed the sensor is currently due to slot into the story mode somehow:

We actually have some more story content in the game that's gonna be supported by Kinect.

Sadly O'Connor couldn't give any more details, though he did say we'll know more next month.

Perhaps one of the reasons we've not heard much of the Kinect functionality so far is because Microsoft and 343 aren't yet 100% certain on what will make it into the game. O'Connor told Joystiq:

We're still testing the features, so if it doesn't work, we're gonna change it.

Expect news next month.


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