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Lionhead Toning Down Fable's Adult Humour in The Journey

Posted Fri, 22 Jul 2011 by James Newton

Not any more!

Not any more!

So no prostitute threesomes?

Fable is as famous for its bawdy sense of humour as its morality choice-filled gameplay, but with Fable: The Journey on Kinect the series is heading down a more family-friendly path, according to lead artist Tak Saito.

Saito made the pronouncement at the recent Develop Conference in Brighton, with some of the games' trademark dark humour ditched:

Because our game is also aimed at a family audience as well as core gamers, we also like to go for a lighter feel. We're losing some of the black adult humour characteristics of Fable and going for a lighter feel - vibrant, fresh, playful.

Presumably that means no more belching, drinking, prostitute threesomes and many other reasons that make Fable worth playing. That said, participating in any of those minigames using Kinect would potentially be the greatest gameplay ever. Curses!

Source: eurogamer.net.

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