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Kinect's Haunt May Not Be As Terrifying as First Thought

Posted Mon, 04 Jul 2011 by James Newton

Actually, that's red crayon.

Actually, that's red crayon.

Rated down under

The announcement of Haunt at last year's Tokyo Game Show made many expect a ferociously frightening scare 'em up, but a recent rating by the Australian Classifications Board has revealed the game is safe for everybody.

The board gave the game a PG rating, citing "Mild Supernatural Themes" and recommending parental guidance. Looks like Rise of Nightmares hasn't got anything to be afraid of.

Perhaps this shouldn't be surprising, as the game is created by NanaOn-Sha, most famous for its PlayStation creation PaRappa the Rapper.

Source: classification.gov.au.

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1. userwords Spain 06 Jul 2011, 07:54 BST

Kiddy games around wtf STOP IT. those moronic microsofters will ruin kinect adoption with those stupid kiddy games.

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