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Molyneux: Fable: The Journey Demo Was "A Horrendous Mistake"

Posted Mon, 13 Jun 2011 by James Newton

Not Molyneux's favourite E3 moment

Not Molyneux's favourite E3 moment

Setting the record straight

Were you impressed by last week's big reveal of Fable: The Journey on Kinect? The demonstration of horse-riding, magic and combat made many gamers believe the whole affair is on-rails, without any of the open-world exploration Fable is famous for. This is not the case says Fable overlord Peter Molyneux, who got visiting journalists to attest to the fact the game is not on-rails.

Molyneux asked journalists to sign a wall confirming the game does feature exploration elements instead of the pre-set path the demonstration seemed to hint at.

Check out the first trailer below and see what you think of the upcoming Fable adventure.

Source: oxm.co.uk.

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1. Algorhythm United States 13 Jun 2011, 20:43 BST

It wasn't a mistake. It was just short sighted on journalist who want to jump all over Kinect & Fable with negativity. There was no reason to believe the whole game was "on rails". All we knew is what we saw, no more no less.


2. Damo United Kingdom 14 Jun 2011, 23:10 BST

What's so wrong with on-rails stuff, anyway? I bet the same hacks that knocked this are messing their pants over Child of Eden. Tsk.


3. Slapshot United States 18 Jun 2011, 04:29 BST

Oh, Peter Molyneux, how we love the way you hype us up and then leave us hanging and wanting more. Never fulfilling your promises to entiretly, but who cares, we'll still buy everything with Fable stamped on the box anyways! :D

Actually, I thought the game was on-rails too, and that was completely OK with me (e.g. Dead Space Extraction), but what I found really surprising what the there seemed to be very little accuracy with the spells when fired. On-rails games are shooter typed games, but in the E3 demo it didn't seem to be shooter at all, because it looked as if the player was just making the correct motion for different scenarios with auto-aim. That is what looked a bit disheartening to me.

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