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Kinect Sports Season Two Includes Six New Sports

Posted Mon, 06 Jun 2011 by James Newton

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Golf, tennis, baseball and more

We all expected Kinect Sports to receive a sequel, so the announcement that Kinect Sports Season Two is on the way wasn't much of a surprise. We weren't expecting it to be developed by Kinect Joy Ride studio BigPark, though.

Revealed on-stage during Microsoft's E3 press event, Season Two features six sports new to the series: tennis, baseball, golf, American football, darts and skiing, with new gestures and voice control included. The demonstration took to the golf course, where the player is able to look around the course with gestures and body movements, using voice commands to navigate menus and then swinging just as you would imagine a Kinect golf game to work. This could be the closest thing Xbox ever gets to beating the reigning champion Wii Sports, or Sony favourite Hot Shots Golf.

Also shown off was American football, with players able to the field in two-player co-operative play: one as a receiver, one a quarterback, calling out plays and yelling "hike" before throwing the pigskin. Like most of the demonstrations, it was heavily scripted and a little bit cheesy, but hopefully the representation of the sport can't be any worse than the one in Game Party in Motion, surely.

Expect to see Season Two on shelves this Christmas.

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