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The hit Game Party series brings a full motion party for players of all ages and abilities exclusively to Kinect for Xbox 360. Game Party: In Motion features 16 games and several game variations for an immersive and intuitive pick-up-and-play experience for people of all abilities!

Game Party: In Motion lets players engage in true-to-life motions, using their whole bodies to mimic the actions and gestures of real-life activities. Players will need to make a throwing motion to hit targets with a football while quickly stepping left and right to avoid getting tackled or rush from table to table serving root beer to thirsty customers. Beyond the game world players can tie-in their Xbox 360 Avatars to engage in the full suite of games for an amazing experience. Read More »

Play 16 family favorite games: Games include Darts, Hoop Shoot, Rootbeer Tapper, Table Hockey and more.
Fun, easy controls: Play games using natural arm and body motions, just like in real life using the motion sensing technology of Kinect for Xbox 360.
Multiplayer action on all games: Get together with friends and family to see who brings their “A” Game to the Party with up to 16 players in tournament mode.
Online play: Game Party: In Motion will support local and online head-to-head play for 2 to 4 players.
360 Avatar integration: Players can seamlessly use their 360 avatar as their in game character for Game Party: In Motion. Additionally, personal best scores, unlocked items and tickets won are stored with the associated Xbox Profile.
Facebook integration: Publish Xbox Achievements on your Facebook Wall. Players can automatically notify their Facebook friends when they are playing online so they can join the party.

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Europe Fri, 17 Dec 2010 by James Newton

Motional breakdown

Kinect's marketing would have you believe the system is a game-changer, bringing new ways of interaction to the home and banishing uninvolving, inaccurate and unplayable minigame compilations to the darkest depths of history. Then along comes Game Party..

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  • Game Party Set in Motion Across the UK Today (26th Nov 10)

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1. Algorhythm United States 12 Nov 2010, 21:04 GMT

So, even though with their track record there is a high chance this game will be "shovelware", I still have hopes that it will at least deliver on responsiveness and if the games are at a base-level fun...then it might be worth a purchase.

At least the games look unique, unlike Deca Sports Freedom which seems to want to rehash Kinect Sports, MotionSports, etc.


2. briteeyes United States 30 Nov 2010, 12:16 GMT

Shovelware... that is a good word for it. I am embarrassed that I put money down for it.


3. Aluaka United Kingdom 01 Dec 2010, 08:09 GMT

Disappointing - I don't know what I expected but it aint great - it would be good to see a review on here to see others thoughts?

Darts is pure luck - as are the other "skill" games - and the game seems to need a large playing area which I struggle with.

At least I bagged it for under £20 ...... may go well on ebay!


4. James United Kingdom 17 Dec 2010, 08:29 GMT

I'm writing up a review now :)

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