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"Leading Entertainment Brand" and Kinect Team Up on New Project

Posted Tue, 03 May 2011 by James Newton



Big licensed project in the works

Right from the start Microsoft has been keen to position Kinect not just as a gameplay device but as something that will become an integral part of living room life, and a recent job posting has shown the company is still taking this task very seriously.

Microsoft is working on a new project in conjunction with a "leading entertainment brand", which could be a singer, a film studio, WWE or anything in between. The possibilities are almost endless.

It's not necessarily a game though: the post references "creating new experiences that redefine entertainment in the living room", possibly pointing towards more applications such as Hulu Plus and Netflix.

We'll have to wait and see what the two giants can create, most likely at E3 this year.

Building on the success of Kinect, the interactive entertainment business is once again out to change the world of family entertainment. By creating enriching experiences, that both educate and delight, we are taking the Xbox, Xbox Live, and Kinect to new audiences in ways never before dreamed.

To accomplish our mission Microsoft Game Studios (MGS) is seeking an experienced, games industry leader to be the Executive Producer on a new initiative. In close partnership with a leading entertainment brand, this group will be creating new experiences that redefine entertainment in the living room.

The Partnership EP will manage a small team of seasoned video game producers and work closely with central design and tech organizations to develop and publish titles/ programs. The Partnership EP will the ultimately responsible for the quality of the products and for the relationships with development and content partners.


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