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Kinect Support for Netflix Shouts "Action" Today

Posted Thu, 14 Apr 2011 by James Newton

Give the remote a rest

Give the remote a rest

Sensor's voice control expands

The range of entertainment you can command with only your voice just expanded, as Netflix's Kinect support rolled out today.

Subscribers to the US-only service can now pause, play and stop videos through the streaming service on Xbox 360 using voice commands. Pete Thompson, general manager for Xbox Live, believes the combination of Netflix and Kinect is another string to the sensor's bow:

By integrating Kinect into the Netflix experience on Xbox LIVE, we're continuing to transform the way people enjoy their favourite entertainment in the living room. Since its launch, Netflix has always been one of the most popular services on Xbox LIVE, so we are excited to deliver a brand new way to control this experience in a way that can't be found anywhere else.

Rival service Hulu Plus will also get Kinect controls in an update scheduled for this spring.


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1. eclipticus United States 15 Apr 2011, 09:03 BST

while this feature is cool... I wish it worked throughout the entire Netflix experience, and not just one selection of titles.


2. James United Kingdom 15 Apr 2011, 09:22 BST

Living in the UK I haven't been able to test this out — could you explain a bit more about what it does/doesn't do?


3. eclipticus United States 16 Apr 2011, 03:09 BST

During playback on netflix you can wave your hand to activate the kinect. on the top of the screen a these icons pop up... << play/II . . . >> as well as an Icon for your hand. so you can control the playback with your hand. also you can say XBOX . . . PLAY, STOP, PAUSe

Thats all nice.

During selection process you wave your hand and the KINECT SECTION starts up. and it gives a list of suggested titles, which may or maybe not be on your instant que, or regular recommended for you. There are about a dozen titles, you wave you hand icon over the one you want and wait for the circle to fill as normal.
If you dont like the selected dozen, you have to use your remote, for regular netflix use...

To me it looks like a tech demo.. and what it would look like when it is fully implemented. I don't see how this should of been released as an update feature...

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