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Lionhead Bursting with Secret Kinect Ideas

Posted Wed, 13 Apr 2011 by James Newton

What ideas do Molyneux and crew have?

What ideas do Molyneux and crew have?

Will we see any at E3?

Despite the disappointment of Kinect support failing to materialise in Fable III, as well as the cancellation of Milo and Kate, Microsoft developer Lionhead is still keen on the sensor, according to the studio's senior designer Mike West.

Speaking to, West revealed a recent company initiative that allowed employees to pitch their game ideas to peers, with over half of the suggested games involving Kinect.

I can’t go into anything that was done there, I’m hoping that at some point we’ll release some of it. There are talks about it, and maybe we’ll be able to show what we’ve come up with online. There were some great things. This was all two days work, and I didn’t know anything that was coming out – there was some amazing stuff. As a company we’re completely embracing it.

Hopefully we'll see some Lionhead Kinect projects at E3 2011, as Microsoft has promised a second wave of Kinect games to be unveiled at the show.


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