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Expect The Second Wave of Kinect Games at E3

Posted Wed, 13 Apr 2011 by James Newton

How will Microsoft top this 2010 Child of Eden presentation?

How will Microsoft top this 2010 Child of Eden presentation?

Rare to lead the charge

E3 is less than two months away, and while we expect to see new Kinect technology we're all waiting to see the new games, of course. Microsoft UK's Neil Thompson has hinted there'll be a range of brand new titles shown off on the big stage in LA in early June.

I can guarantee that Rare and all of our other studios are looking at what we’re doing on Kinect and coming up with some amazing new experiences that people will love. That’s what we’re focusing on.

Rare manager Scott Henson, as well as pledging the importance of Kinect voice control, has also dropped hints that the studio will be at the frontline of the announcements:

We’ve got E3 coming up, and there’ll be lots of exciting things happening there. As a first party studio, our job is to lead innovation on the platform. We take that seriously, and you’ll see plenty from us in the coming months.

Microsoft is understandably cagey about what exactly will be shown in June, but stay tuned to KINECTaku as we'll bring you all the Kinect news as it happens.


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1. soaduk United Kingdom 14 Apr 2011, 00:14 BST

I really want to be excited but is anyone else starting to think the kinect hardware itself is flawed? The more below-average games we see the more I'm coming to realise that we have experienced all kinect can manage in terms of control and accuracy, never mind only using 10% like rare claim. Sure people might come up with some nice ideas but the real lack of accuracy will stop us ever getting the sort of games we all fantasied about when we first heard about project natal. I think the proof is in the fact that even in the kinect tuner its so easy for your arms to get twisted or legs float or whole body jump from one place to another even though youre stood still. I just wish they'd stuck with the more powerful hardware driven idea instead of changing it to software and xbox running it. I'd have paid the extra for something better.


2. taomaster99 United States 14 Apr 2011, 17:43 BST

never had troubles like soaduk is experiencing and I still enjoy the games that first came out with the peripheral. It's still a new thing so people need to spend time with it before the really good stuff comes out, just like with the consoles themselves!!!!

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