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Kinect Voice Control Vital to Sensor's Future, says Rare Boss

Posted Wed, 13 Apr 2011 by James Newton

"Xbox, bring cheese and crackers"

"Xbox, bring cheese and crackers"

Xbox, show the future

The list of Kinect voice commands is quite small for now, but Rare studio manager Scott Henson believes the sensor's vocal capabilities will improve vastly over time.

Speaking to MCV, Henson once again reiterated the studio's belief that we've only seen 10% of Kinect's potential used in games so far:

We’re going to make using your voice much more front and centre – we’ve just scratched the surface on that. The ability to say ‘Xbox Pause’ and it pauses is just the beginning. It’s magic, but it should be just like having a conversation moving forward. We’ll continue to advance and continue to make it better for both your body and your voice. I would say we’ve only scratched 10 per cent of the possibilities of what we can do with Kinect.

Would you fancy having a conversation with your Xbox 360? Do you think it would be a bit one-sided, or do you see this as another step towards Star Trek-level technology? Join the discussion in our comments section below.


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1. jgary1 United States 13 Apr 2011, 17:59 BST



2. James Newton United Kingdom 13 Apr 2011, 18:26 BST

I'd love a Kinect-controlled Wallace and Gromit game where to win you had to impersonate Wallace's love of cheese while your friend played Gromit. It'd be great.


3. pdaddy Australia 13 Apr 2011, 23:54 BST

Too bad in Australia we don't even have the basic voice commands yet... It's on my Kinect box, and was supposed to be implemented in 'early 2011'... Last time I checked it's not that early in 2011 anymore..

Cmon Microsoft!

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