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Kinect's Potential is "Virtually Limitless" says Rare

Posted Thu, 31 Mar 2011 by James Newton

What lies in store?

What lies in store?

Could take over the world

If you were slightly excited by Rare's earlier assertion that only 10% of Kinect's power is being used, wait until you hear what software incubator Nick Burton thinks of the future.

Calling the sensor's potential "virtually limitless", Burton positioned the sensor's future as part of an overall media experience, rather than just a gaming device:

Now we've got 'Kinect, pause', which is great, but imagine sitting in your living room and saying: 'Kinect, entertain me.' That's where we're going.

The list of current Kinect voice commands certainly doesn't include that, but as you'll soon be able to control Netflix and Hulu Plus with Kinect it could be on the horizon.

Where do you see Kinect's future? Do you think it'll become more of a media centre device or head more down the dedicated gaming path? Add your voice to the discussion below.


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1. davahsa United States 31 Mar 2011, 22:45 BST

the shear potential is mindblowing. You got money and I'll make you rich for ideas I have for Kinect. "Entertain Me!" . . . thats a good one. Im a kinect enthusiast because of whats to come. Example: Web browsing with voice


2. bboy2970 United States 01 Apr 2011, 01:37 BST

Well for something with such "limitless potential" it sure doesn't have much going on for it. Potential don't mean sh*t if its never used.


3. slapshot82 United States 01 Apr 2011, 02:37 BST

It's a bold statement from a peripheral that has shown extreme limitations!

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