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Witness the Incredible Graphics of Milo's World

Posted Tue, 22 Mar 2011 by James Newton

Some rather delicious concept art

Some rather delicious concept art

Shame it's canned, really

It was supposed to be one of Kinect's crown jewels: Lionhead's Milo & Kate, a game about a virtual reality boy and your friendship, was to show off the sensor's prowess like none other. Complex voice recognition, object scanning, sophisticated AI — it seemed too good to be true and so it proved, as the project was cancelled late last year. Since then, fascinating insights from the project have emerged, a Kinect Milo behind the scenes video among the most impressive, but this video from the recent Games Developers Conference in San Francisco really takes the cake.

Showing off the graphical technology that helped bring Milo's world to life — before the project died, that is — Ben Sugden, lead programmer on Lionhead's "incubation team", spoke of the company's proprietary "Mega Mesh" system that handles around 10 billion polygons simultaneously. Couple that with impressive lighting, art design and sculpting and you have one of the best looking things we've yet seen for Xbox 360.

The entire script for the Mega Mesh presentation is available but be warned: it's a little heavy on technical terms, but contains some interesting nuggets of information all the same.

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1. linkster55 Canada 22 Mar 2011, 16:56 GMT

It's such a disappointment that this game was canceled, because it would have been on the bestselling list for shure and would have really showed off what kinect was capable of.


2. ManicMilner United Kingdom 22 Mar 2011, 23:33 GMT

Shame this was canned, would have bought this and more kinect devices would have been sold, just hope something similar is planned to come out for Kinect in the not too distant future!

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