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Get Closer to Milo and Kate with Development Video

Posted Tue, 01 Mar 2011 by James Newton

The boy who never was

The boy who never was

Fascinating insight

Now-cancelled Kinect game Milo and Kate was one of the most promising titles shown off for Kinect way back when it was called Project Natal, but it seems destined never to see the light of day. This look behind the scenes of its development, then, could be the closest you come to playing Lionhead's fascinating character simulator.

Drama director John Dower spoke of his three years attached to the project and the importance of motion capture to the game's creation. There's plenty of never-before-seen gameplay footage showing off more than just the original "product vision", and although it's still tough to see how it would have all hung together as a complete game, it's undeniably intriguing all the same.

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