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Hardware Impressions: Official Kinect Sensor Wall Mount

Posted Fri, 18 Mar 2011 by James Newton

It doesn't look much, but here it is

It doesn't look much, but here it is

Mount up

If your TV is wall-mounted, you may have struggled to get your Kinect into an aesthetically pleasing position: if the official Kinect floor stand didn't float our boat, the official wall mount might be more up your street.

Inside the box you'll find all the pieces you need to get started, including rawl plugs and screws, which means you'll need a drill and a spirit level. The plate that attaches the mount to the wall is a sturdy metal piece, and when securely screwed into place will hold the weight of Kinect with no problems.

The plastic grip for Kinect slots onto the plate, so isn't actually secured to anything, though the connection feels sturdy enough. There's a small groove in the grip for the cable to be fed through, though naturally the wire will still snake down the wall in an unsightly fashion, but there's not much you can do about that.

You too can enjoy all this excitement

You too can enjoy all this excitement

There's also a mounting plate for attaching the sensor to a standard camera tripod, in case you don't fancy using the Kinect floor stand.

The biggest problem we have with the sensor wall mount is that it's just not that attractive to look at: chances are that if your TV is wall-mounted, the majority of the magic happens behind the TV itself, but due to the nature of Kinect the plastic grip needs to sit underneath the sensor. The grip itself is also quite long, and although this is a good thing — meaning the sensor can turn to keep you in the picture — it doesn't help with the aesthetics.

The mount is a sturdy solution for attaching your sensor to the wall, and it complements Kinect's glossy black plastic perfectly. It may not be the most beautiful part of your living room decoration, but it does the trick, and that's what matters.

Thanks to Gamesbasement for providing the Kinect wall mount.

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1. Dazza United Kingdom 19 Mar 2011, 08:54 GMT

I think this is pretty slick if you're looking for a permanent solution for fixing your Kinect above your beautiful wall mounted HDTV... the only thing that lets it down is the Kinect design itself.

Microsoft have basically assumed that you won't be wall mounting it so that big fat stupid stand which allows you to tilt the Kinect to the right angle cannot be removed.

If it could be removed then the mount could do the job of getting the right angle. It would make for a much more attractive installation.


2. James Germany 20 Mar 2011, 08:53 GMT

Agreed - above your TV it looks great, but if anyone wants it below it's not quite so good-looking!

Perhaps a Kinect S model in future could remedy its bulky nature :)

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