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Hardware Impressions: Official Kinect Floor Stand

Posted Wed, 16 Feb 2011 by James Newton

The Floor Stand without sensor

The Floor Stand without sensor

A leg to stand on

Without the need to hold anything in your hands there's not a huge amount of potential for Kinect accessories, but when it comes to keeping the sensor itself steady and well-positioned PDP has the market covered with a series of officially licensed peripherals. We recently got to grips with PDP's range of accessories, with the Official Kinect Floor Stand first on the list.

The stand is remarkably easy to put together, with a sturdy three-foot base, two cylinders and a small screw-in mount at the top that holds the sensor nice and tightly. Constructing the stand takes less than two minutes due to everything screwing together, with Kinect held in place by two grips that can be retracted with a squeeze of two buttons. There's even a clip to grip the sensor's cable to stop it dangling loose during gameplay, a welcome addition for tidy gamers.

The Floor Stand using just one of the two available cylinders

The Floor Stand using just one of the two available cylinders

The three-pronged base is sturdy enough though it's worth noting it isn't weighted, so if your floor is a little on the springy side you might want to put something heavy on the base to give it extra strength. Our biggest problem with the base is that the three-footed design can make it hard to place the sensor flush against a wall or unit, but this can be overcome by slightly unscrewing the mount or centre to rotate the head accordingly.

Although the stand is not telescopic, you can alter its height by using just one cylinder or both, with the fully-constructed stand around two-feet tall, so if you need your Kinect to be higher up you may want to consider the Kinect TV Mount or Kinect Wall Mount, both of which we'll be reviewing in the near future.

Overall the Kinect Floor Stand is a sturdy option if you're unable to place your sensor on a coffee table or TV unit or simply want the freedom to move it around the room depending on your set-up. It's secure, easy to construct and, with its glossy black plastic, complements Kinect perfectly.

Thanks to Gamesbasement for providing the Kinect Floor Stand.

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1. Crunc United States 17 Feb 2011, 15:54 GMT

Looks decent, but not of any use to me. I'll be more interested in the review of the TV Mount.

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