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Rumour: Kinect to Get Significantly More Accurate with Update

Posted Fri, 17 Dec 2010 by James Newton

Microsoft, predictably, did not comment

Microsoft, predictably, did not comment

Here comes the science

Last month, Blitz Games CEO Philip Oliver spoke of USB imposing limitations on Kinect, with the bandwidth of the USB 2.0 connection restricting the amount of information the sensor can send in any one go. Now Eurogamer claims a source at Microsoft has confirmed the company is working on technology to allow better compression of the data, theoretically allowing more information to reach the Xbox.

The upshot of this compression would be increasing Kinect's accuracy, allowing it to track movement in far greater detail, including the rotation of your hand and even individual fingers. Around the time of the sensor's launch, Kudo Tsunoda said that Kinect's launch features only scratched the surface of its potential, and if this update rumour turns out to be true we're inclined to agree with him.

Do you think finger-tracking would improve the Kinect experience?


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1. LANTERN Canada 17 Dec 2010, 21:37 GMT

Kinect is pretty accurate, some games more then others, but of course it will never be 100%. Kinect was probably rushed out to make it in time for the holidays, which is fine because increased sales will "HOPEFULLY" mean, increased QUALITY games in the future. Now if they can improve the technology even further with just a firmware update on the Kinect...then it has the potential of being a real success.


2. Gizmo2k United Kingdom 17 Dec 2010, 21:42 GMT

This warms my heart. I'd heard they'd dropped the finger tracking ability, and the cynic in me thought that it was a deliberate ploy for Kinect 2.0, now I'm extremely hopeful this can be done with Kinect 1.0 :))


3. LANTERN Canada 17 Dec 2010, 22:17 GMT

If they can add finger tracking this will increase the different types of games they can create. That would be awesome, I just hope it doesn't take 2 years for this technology to come out.

In 3 years from now we should see the next generation of consoles and probably Kinect 2.0.


4. dirtyvu United States 17 Dec 2010, 22:48 GMT

Read the Anandtech review of the Kinect. The guy talked about how he was very confident that the internal IR sensor resolution was above 640x480. from the reviewer: "The projected image doesn’t change in time - it’s fixed this way. The IR CMOS sensor images this pattern projected onto the room and scene, and given the camera’s displacement a few inches from the projector, from the displacements in the semi-random projected pattern is able to back out the corresponding depth image. That computation is done onboard the Kinect itself, and it’s entirely possible (read: likely) that the IR sensor inside the Kinect is higher than the 640x480 resolution of the resulting image."


5. RedToad64 United States 18 Dec 2010, 00:29 GMT

Update, as in new hardware or LIVE updates?


6. Gizmo2k United Kingdom 18 Dec 2010, 08:22 GMT

: Sounds like software compression, so Dash/Kinect specific software update, not hardware.


7. Ria United States 18 Dec 2010, 13:02 GMT

I wonder if finger tracking would actually make much of a difference in most games. Piano playing games, maybe, but your average "jump here go there" games... not so much. Either way, an update is always welcome :)


8. Doliskipper Sweden 18 Dec 2010, 18:18 GMT

That upcoming Steel Battalion game will probably benefit from finger tracking, if (presumably) there's a lot of buttons and levers to press in your virtual mech suit thingie :)


9. dirtyvu United States 18 Dec 2010, 20:08 GMT

the piece said that they artificially restricted the bandwidth available to the Kinect because they need to guarantee that wired USB controllers could be used at the same time, even though most people use wireless controllers. I say, screw the gamers who use wired controllers. Besides, this could only come into play if it's a hybrid kinect game and you have multiple people using wired controllers at the same time as the Kinect. Kinect-only games don't use a controller so it seems strange to reserve bandwidth for the wired controllers.


10. Token_Girl United States 23 Dec 2010, 22:13 GMT

You could have a game that simulates you playing a videogame using a controller...WITHOUT A CONTROLLER! Imagine the possibilities.

Srsly tho, more accuracy is always a good thing.


11. LANTERN Canada 24 Dec 2010, 15:39 GMT

Bad news guys.....Looks like we're going to have to wait for Kinect 2 if we want improved recognition. Microsoft just shot down this rumor.


12. mastodona United States 01 Jan 2011, 11:54 GMT

Every company shoots down rumours but I still wouldn't be surprised if an update arrives...the fact they changed kinect to rely more on software than hardware makes it perfectly legitimate than improvements could be made. How great i dont know!

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