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Developers Had a Big Say in Kinect's Features

Posted Mon, 22 Nov 2010 by James Newton

Coming at you

Coming at you


Blitz Games Studios has four Kinect titles in development and has already released The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout, so it's no surprise that Microsoft valued its feedback when developing the sensor's libraries. In an interview with, the studio's CEO Philip Oliver spoke about the collaborative process that led to new features being introduced for Kinect.

Referring to the upcoming "movie karaoke" game Yoostar2 – more on which can be read at our sister site Movemodo – Oliver revealed how Microsoft introduced new libraries to overcome the technical limitations of the sensor's USB connection.

The Kinect camera is quite a high res camera, so we actually asked that we have access to the higher res picture. But they can't give the full resolution picture, at the full framerate, because of the USB 2.0 connection. It's just the technicalities of the Xbox.

So what we said was, we just need to access a section, a piece of the image and bring that through in a higher resolution. Effectively a digital zoom. Which they gave us. That's an excellent feature. So now you don't even have to get into frame yourself. The camera can select the right bit of the high res picture and zoom in itself.

The studio also worked to overcome the initial limitations that prevented Kinect from detecting players who were seated or lying down, developing its own software solutions to this problem.


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