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Game Party Set in Motion Across the UK Today

Posted Fri, 26 Nov 2010 by James Newton

Running around is always a good game

Running around is always a good game

New trailer inside

Today is an auspicious day, marking the first time Warner Bros.' Game Party franchise has left the comfort of the Nintendo Wii. Game Party in Motion launches for Xbox 360 across Europe today, and we've got brand new screenshots and a trailer to tantalise you.

Of course, we'll be playing this one and bringing you a full review very soon, but in the meantime does this trailer pique your interest?

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Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today announces the UKlaunch of Game Party: In Motion on Kinect™ for Xbox 360®. The latest instalment of the popular Game Party series, Game Party: In Motion provides a great value this holiday season offering a collection of 16 fun and easy to pick-up-and-play arcade, sports and party games.

Developed by FarSight Studios, Game Party: In Motion allows players to jump into the action simply by moving their arms, legs or full bodies in natural motions to play games such as Darts, Root Beer Tapper, and QB In Motion. Players will be able to throw darts by extending their arm forward in a throwing motion, move from station to station filling up mugs of root beer for thirsty customers as they play Root Beer Tapper or throw sports balls at moving targets while dodging tackles in QB In Motion.

Game Party: In Motion offers several all-new features that mark a first for the series. Players will be able to play with full Xbox 360 Avatar support. Additionally, friends will be able to challenge each other head-to-head or bring up to 16 people together in their living room to compete in a local tournament.

Game Party: In Motion is rated PEGI 3 for ages three and up and is now available at retail stores nationwide on Kinect for Xbox 360.

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1. AsILayDyingUK United Kingdom 29 Nov 2010, 10:05 GMT

I got a chance to play this game for a few hours last Wednesday and it was OK, nothing amazing but for the £24.99 price tag it's not bad.
There are loads of worse games you could spend your Money on, also a 50point Achievement for getting the Bullseye in Drats! Whats not to like?


2. Algorhythm United States 29 Nov 2010, 17:26 GMT

This game is poop! Seriously, take my advice and save your money - then thank me later. I bought it in the States the day it came out. The controls are wonky and unresponsive. The menu system is terrible, the graphics are uninspired even compared to the other Kinect games. Just to illustrate, if you are left handed, just by playing the game the way it was intended you'll inadvertently trigger the pause menu by swinging your arm to throw. It's trash.

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