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Michael Jackson: The Experience Beats It to 2011

Posted Thu, 21 Oct 2010 by James Newton

Gone too soon, but keep the faith

Gone too soon, but keep the faith


Ubisoft's much-vaunted singing and dancing title Michael Jackson: The Experience just took a moonwalk to 2011, a hefty delay putting paid to its projected November 2010 release date.

Players can use Kinect to emulate Jackson's famous moves, as well as using its in-built microphones to sing along. Unlike other versions of the game, Kinect only supports one player at a time, presumably to avoid players injuring each other whilst attempting some of the more theatrical moves.

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  • Michael Jackson: The Experience (Xbox 360)

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1. danschemen United States 29 Oct 2010, 01:24 BST

THANK YOU i was actually going to sugest you make another website for the kinect but you guys seem to always be one step ahead of us:)

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