Wreckateer (Xbox Live Arcade)

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“Wreckateer” uses Kinect for Xbox 360 to put you in control of a massive castle-wrecking ballista.

With the help of Wreck and Tinker, travel the land and destroy 60 castles infested with goblins using six magical projectiles. Aim and fire each shot and then control it in mid-air, activating special powers and guiding them toward their target.

Utilize an arsenal of Flying, Explosive, Splitting, and rocketing Speed shots to explore the infinite ways you can wreak havoc with “Wreckateer's” fully-dynamic destruction. Read More »

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Europe Tue, 31 Jul 2012 by Ken Barnes

Castle Crasher

Angry Birds has a lot to answer for, doesn’t it? Not only are we besieged by clones of the game in each operating system’s app store, but now we’re seeing the influence stretch to console gaming. Even the master itself – Rovio — is exerting its..

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