Rhythm Party (Xbox Live Arcade)

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"Rhythm Party" is a rhythm action game developed exclusively for Kinect on Xbox LIVE Arcade!

Brought to you by the "Dance Evolution" development team, it transforms your entire body into a controller. No need for choreography anymore. You're the choreographer and the dancer! When your body appears at the center of the screen, just dance!

Game play is simple: Use your arms and legs to hit the Ripples in time with the rhythm while you create an original performance. Your performance skills are the key! Read More »

With a soundtrack recorded largely in collaboration with top international artists, and different special effects for every song, this game is guaranteed to get your body moving and your blood pumping!

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  • Rhythm Party's Tracklist was Born This Way (26th Jan 12)
  • Rhythm Party Release Date Grooves Forward a Week (24th Jan 12)

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