Kinect Fun Labs: Air Band (Xbox Live Arcade)

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Air Band is a one- or two-player Kinect experience that transforms your room into a stage and turns you into a superstar.

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Europe Sun, 28 Aug 2011 by James Newton

A musical joke?

After Kinect Sparkler turned out to be rather dim, the second paid addition to Kinect Fun Labs is here in the much more pleasing form of Air Band, which lets you become a musical ensemble with just your bare hands.You and a friend can jump in to one of..

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1. vincentjvincent Canada 07 Sep 2011, 00:00 BST

I was excited to see what they would come up with for "Air Band", but now I'm a little disappointed because there is no way to interactively make music.....It could have easily been so much more........When Francis & I invented video gesture control 25 years ago it was to be able to step on stage & become musicians playing with virtual instruments & to perform around the world; I did it for 15 years. When we invent video gesture control with 3D depth cameras in 2000 we saw this as the next step for virtual performance & hoped somebody would create an air band app. When we initially licensed our technology and patent to Microsoft for the XBOX we thought we would see this from never came; and now that AirBand is here it is not at all what I expected.......Although this is an old app, this is what airband could have included: Here's an article on that history:

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