Hole in the Wall (Xbox Live Arcade)

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The Hole In The Wall game brings all the wild and crazy fun of the international TV phenomenon straight to your Xbox 360 Kinect to play solo or with friends.

You become a human puzzle piece as you contort to fit through wacky shapes that are cut out into themed walls hurtling towards you. Try to pass your body through the wall to boost your score, or you’ll be pushed straight into the water below!

Play through different “show” levels in single or multi player modes (up to 4 competitors), or see if you can handle the challenge of “survival” mode as you attack wall after wall until you drop!

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Europe Fri, 26 Aug 2011 by Thomas Wakelin

Bring on the wall!

Hole in the Wall is as simple as a game title can get; a wall with a hole in it comes hurtling towards your Avatar. As the player, you must use your body to fit through these holes and avoid being knocked into a pool of water behind you.There are two main..

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