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Join the party with Zumba Fitness, a one-of-a-kind, dance fitness workout set to sexy, high-energy Latin and international music!

Find your rhythm and let go as Zumba instructor fan favourites Gina Grant, Tanya Beardsley and Zumba's creator Beto guide you through 30 routines that will work you into a sweat and make you forget you're even exercising.

Dance Yourself into Shape with Zumba

Ditch your standard workout and bring a Zumba party right into your living room with Zumba Fitness for Xbox 360. Zumba Fitness is a program based on the national dance-based exercise craze, Zumba. The secret of Zumba is its pairing of red-hot international dance steps with sexy Latin music which blend together to create an addictively fun, yet challenging exercise party that is all about movement. The popularity of Zumba has led to packed gyms and community centers all around the country, but now you and your workout/dance partners can join the party at home via your Xbox 360 and attached Kinect sensor. Read More »


Zumba Fitness uses the motion-sensing capabilities of the Kinect sensor to bring the steamy, calorie-burning moves of Zumba to the Xbox 360. The game's primary play mechanic is the replication by player(s) in real-time of dance moves that are demonstrated by an on-screen virtual instructor. The body mapping capabilities of Microsoft Kinect allows this to occur without the need for a controller, unlike other versions of the game. On-screen color changes of a representation of the player in-game alerts you to the accuracy of your moves, while a countdown clock keeps you constantly updated on the time remaining in the routine. Zumba Fitness also includes fan favorite Zumba instructors Tanya, Gina and Zumba's creator Beto, who together guide you through more than 30 routines that will make you forget you are even exercising. Together with four-player support -- both locally and online -- that allows friends to join in the workout, and an ever-present, infectious Latin groove, players have all that they need to dance the weight off and have a blast doing it.

Game Features

Utilizes the controller-free functionality of Microsoft Kinect to bring the Zumba Fitness experience home with you in the first interactive game based on the successful brand.

Learn and perfect nine different dance styles: Reggaeton, Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia, Hip-Hop, Mambo, Rumba, Flamenco and Calypso.

Includes more than 30 Zumba routines - some exclusive to the game.

Follow your on-screen Zumba instructor's routine in a high voltage party atmosphere. As you fine tune the steps, the stage and party transforms in dynamic new ways.

Supports up to four players -- both locally and online -- as you team up and try to earn the highest workout score as a group or play against each other in Zumba Attack! Mode for the ultimate fitness dance off.

Dance in a range of venues: learn the basics in the Zumba gym and then take the party to a fantasy night club, an industrial factory, a skyscraper rooftop and a futuristic Zumbathon stadium.

Includes "Learn the Steps" training, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced routines for all skill levels.

Dance steps learned can be taken with you if you attend a real Zumba class or on the dance floor at your next party.

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Europe Sat, 11 Dec 2010 by James Newton

Back of the class

There’s no shortage of good fitness games for Kinect from EA, Ubisoft and more, but Zumba Fitness: Join the Party is the only one based on a real-life dancing craze. For those in the dark, Zumba is a fitness programme based on high-energy rhythms..

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  • Join the Party with a Free Zumba Fitness Demo on Xbox Live (21st Mar 11)

User Comments


1. briteeyes United States 30 Nov 2010, 12:18 GMT

I really enjoy this game. Gets your heart pumping that is for sure. Clear the floor, there is going to be some shaking going on. The user interface can be a bit flaky - but all in all, it is awesome.


2. SheWolf United Kingdom 28 Jan 2011, 01:45 GMT

Well i have tro say being a new comer to the zumba fitness that it is a hellava cardio workout if you have a lot of fat to burn before you start to tone up with strength training. Albiet it can be hard to keep up with the moves at first, like anything we are all new to it takes a little time, dedication and enjoyment before you are able to see results.
I myself have been doing it for 3 weeks now consistantly and have already started to see and feel the benefits from it,

I'm still learning how to do the moves as i take each stage at a time, though i go back to enable me to inmprove on a workout i just can not get. That's the joy in this game, there are no limits and the game will most probably outlast it players unless they are dedicated to it..lolol


3. angelty United States 31 Jan 2011, 05:45 GMT

Well i love the game..for what works on it. I can not select edit player, tutorials, mulitplayer all i can do is single routine and just try and learn as i go. What am i doing wrong


4. daneen United States 19 Apr 2011, 23:12 BST

I reallly like zumba but the kinect zumba games sucks I cant even sign in! I have exchanged it once thinkin I had a defected game but the new one does the same thing and i am so mad!Wal mart does not want to give me my money back they want me to get the same game!Why would I do that when it does not work!!!SO F'N MAD!!!

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