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Who makes the better driver, are all women shopping maniacs but completely hopeless when given the almighty barbecue tongs?

25 mini games full of fun and action plus an extensive quiz mode, settled in a TV show atmosphere, will answer the question: Which is the stronger sex?

The idea is that men and women compete against each other in disciplines which are typical for their gender. The game can be played alone but is meant to be played as a party game in a mixed group of friends. Read More »


Picture Detail: picture details are shown, more and more details are added and finally the whole picture is shown
Picture Zoom: a zoomed view of a picture is shown, the view zooms out until the picture can be seen completely
Picture Flash: a picture is shown for a very short time, afterwards the player can choose one out of four possible answers
Truth or Dare: "Truth", the player must answer the question for the other team and they have to decide if he is answering correctly; "Dare", the player has to fulfill a task and the other team has to decide if he has done a good job.
Question categories:

Politics & Culture
Movie & TV
General Knowledge
Stereotypical questions for men
Stereotypical questions for women

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