Rapala for Kinect (Xbox 360)

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Rapala for Kinect features an arcade style fishing experience controlled completely by a player’s movements with intuitive commands that creates a sport fishing title never before seen on Kinect for Xbox 360.

One to four players will compete in exciting contests in a race against the clock. Traveling between fishing hot spots will boil down to fast paced, motor mashing player versus player races. A rapid fire, forty five seconds from cast to catch, ensures fun, quick and intense angling action. Players will drop in and out of the action with barely a pause. Read More »

The arcade sheen lends a light heartedness to the sport fishing presentation. Bright, eye catching colors and cel-shaded models are geared towards a realistic and distinct Kinect for Xbox 360 title. Humorous features add replayability and user-generated content such as recording your face to paste it onto one of the game’s boss fish.

Additionally, all in-game Rapala branded lures have unique personalities and will communicate with hilariously entertaining jibber jabber. Social connectivity will extend beyond online gameplay with complete Facebook integration to share the best catches with friends.

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Europe Sun, 15 Jan 2012 by James Newton

Lacks a-lure

This'll surprise you: Rapala for Kinect isn't a fishing simulation in any way. Sure, you can select your lure in the hope of attracting a particular fish, but that's about as deep as it gets.This is fishing arcade-style: score as many points as you can in..

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