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“Double Fine Happy Action Theatre” is a series of vibrant, exciting activities designed to inspire imagination and entertain players of all ages, from young children to grandparents.

Developed by veteran game designer Tim Schafer with his three year old daughter in mind, each of the 18 “Happy Action Theatre” experiences are like “toys” players can interact with on screen.

Unlike traditional Kinect games, there are no menus to navigate, no gestures to learn and no right or wrong way to play. Anyone who walks in front of the Kinect sensor will delight in seeing their actual image appear in “Happy Action Theatre.” Up to six players can play at once, and the environments will intuitively respond to their body movements and react in interesting and unexpected ways. Play with hot lava flowing through your living room, build an ice cave out of your furniture and wait out a blizzard, or become a giant monster and stomp buildings to the ground. There are no winners or losers in “Happy Action Theatre” and no fails or frustrations – just fun! Read More »

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USA Fri, 03 Feb 2012 by Joe Walker

The name says it all

It’s incredibly difficult to review Double Fine Happy Action Theater with a traditional review system. It’s hardly a game at all; there’s no challenge, no goal, no direction. Calling it a “game” is, honestly, hardly appropriate - it’s more of..

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