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Topic: Forza Horizon Xbox SmartGlass Kinect demo

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  • Oct 27, 2012

Alright!  I got the update about half an hour ago and put it through the paces in Windows 8 (enterprise evaluation version).  I used my ancient HP TX2000 laptop which I can't install the final Windows 8 on (I can't get proper video drivers and had to used a hacked laptopvideo2go driver which has some problems and it fails to install with my Intel 80 GB SSD).  But the notebook is good enough to show off SmartGlass.

It's pretty slick.  You see the GPS on my 12.1" screen.  You can zoom in and out.  You can filter your various targets like showcases, festival races, etc.  The screen scrolls as you're driving.  You can choose your destination.

When combined with the Kinect GPS feature, you've got it all covered.  I wouldn't use the SmartGlass feature to select destinations.  Because it's easier to use the Kinect GPS feature and the back button to see the map.  However, if you have your laptop near you, it's neat to drive and see the map without having to pause and pull up the GPS map.

update:  I don't know about using it with a phone because the 12.1" screen felt cramped already. To see it on a 4" screen would probably drive me crazy.

I just uploaded the video so Youtube is still processing it.  Give it a half hour or so for it to be fully postprocessed.

Again, this ancient laptop will not be getting Windows 8 because of the lack of WDDM 1.2 video drivers. I had to get hacked drivers from laptopvideo2go and these drivers have problems with the ancient hardware. But it's good enough to demonstrate SmartGlass. The notebook has a resistive screen so it's not good for fingers. So don't judge touch performance or video performance due to the old machine. Also, this is the enterprise evaluation of Windows 8. It is not the final version. This laptop will not be getting the final version due to driver problems.

Also showing a little of the Kinect functionality. I actually think the Kinect GPS is more useful, but the SmartGlass feature is neat.

Sorry about the poor video quality. My Android tablet takes lousy video.  The green path is easy to see on the laptop screen, but the recorder kind of washed out the screen so it's hard to see.

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  • Oct 29, 2012

Good info, dirtyvu - thanks very much for that. smile

Ken Barnes,

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