Movie Review & Summary: Marvel’s Spider-Man Homecoming

There is more than one “Spider-Man” movie was made on the screen back since 1977 as a TV series. The storyline of Spider-Man Homecoming is pretty much similar in most of the movies about “Peter Parker” the freelance photographer who lives with his aunt and gets his abilities after being bitten by an altered spider, so he got more of spider skills that made him super natural.

Spider Man Homecoming

The Storyline this time in Spider-Man

‘Homecoming’ which is a different view of the Spider-Man character this time. Our hero is a high school student. The character was first introduced in the airport fighting scene in “Captain America: Civil War” when the Spider-Man stole captain America’s shield. So this new movie series is about the boy who is being supported and funded by “Tony Stark” as a new avenger, And the new suit that Tony Stark gave to Peter has made his skills and abilities more advanced. Spider-Man Homecoming is now available on Showbox App for free. Visit Showbox official page or download here the latest version on ShowBox APK.

The movie starts with events that followed the “Battle Of New York” when the Avengers fought aliens. So “Adrian Toomes” with his team was contracted to clean the city from the remaining things of the alien conquest, Then their mission is canceled taken over by the “Department Of Damage Control” which was a partnership between Tony Stark and the American government. So “Toomes” convinces his
employees that they can continue working with what they have got so far from this crash. And soon they have used it for building and selling Hi-tech weapons to gangs for eight years.

After Peter Parker was supported by Tony Stark, He continued his education in high school waiting for the moment that he can be an official Avenger with Stark and his friends. So the young boy focuses on fighting crime every day to train and to test all of his abilities, until one day he stops a gang from robbing ATM using the Hi-Tech weapons they bought from Toomes. Later on during the movie, Peter gets support from his friend “Ned” who is a tech freak after accidentally knowing his secret.

The movie is considered a really strong step from “Marvel” to be back on track in the competition with DC comics that is getting tougher every year.

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  • Many Critics gave a positive feedback about “Tom Holland” himself for being the new Spider-Man. Saying that he is the only one who has the real Spider-Man spirit that was naturally developed in the comics. He is youthful, Energetic and developing a sense of humor most of the time. Also, many people praised the selection of the character’s age as a young boy who is in high school and starting the movie series in reasonable time.
  • .The character of “Adrian Toomes” was well crafted and played on the screen. An ideal villain, if we need to measure how crafted are the one on one scenes with Spider-man and the quality of acting that “Michael Keaton” provided on the screen.
  • The fighting scenes were well crafted…. You can easily see how strong is the new Spider-Man and how strong are his opponents. Same goes for the final scenes between the Spider-man and the Vulture which showed us the different character sides of Toomes, Who was the father, the murderer, the Villain and the thief.

Also, Peter showed well proven strong scenes of characteristic changes, the hero felt guilty, responsible and he felt empathy for his girlfriend’s father and tried to save him at the end.

  • The movie for many people was an ideal start for the new Spider-Man series. Especially if the character will appear in a lot of future Marvel universe movies. People and critics are optimistic about what is upcoming for the character.
  • Many critics have given a dozen of positive feedback comments for the scene of the “Washington Monument” which showed great shooting and acting for all people who took part of it.
  • The Timeline of the movie was one of the few things that puzzled the audience and the critics a bit. If the film is taking place eight years after the “Battle of New York” so we should be in 2020 when Peter is in high school…!!

Marvel didn’t actually reply yet on this comment, but many critics recommended waiting for the next movie of the Avengers which will reveal the answer to this question.

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