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Xbox 360 and Kinect Come to Isreal

Posted Tue, 06 Nov 2012 by Ken Barnes

Tel Aviv, where Xbox 360 will debut on November 21st.

Tel Aviv, where Xbox 360 will debut on November 21st.

Seven year wait almost over.

Microsoft has announced that they'll be releasing the Xbox 360 in Isreal on the 21st of November.

At the company's "Discovery" conference in Tel Aviv yesterday, Master Chief was on hand to confirm that the system will launch complete with Hebrew language support, local currency support, Xbox Live, and Kinect. The Kinect lineup hasn't been confirmed yet, but the super-massive Halo 4 will indeed be released locally in the launch window.

The region has been awaiting a Microsoft-backed 360 launch for some time, and this announcement comes seven years after the machine debuted in the US. Also, this comes four years after the last official launch, which took place in the United Arab Emirates back in 2008.

To you fine Isreali people who are getting your first taste of Xbox 360 and Kinect, we say "baruch haba" (and sincerely hope that we got it right.)

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