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NBA 2k13 Sets Franchise Record

Posted Fri, 12 Oct 2012 by Ken Barnes

From downtown!

From downtown!

49% Growth Over Next Best In Series

2k has announced that NBA 2k13 has set a first-week sales record for the franchise.

The company's own sell-through numbers indicate that the game has shifted 49% more copies through retail than the previous fastest first-week seller in the series, NBA 2k11. On top of that, international (non-US) sales have increased by a massive 66% percent compared to 2k11.

Almost as if to prove that the main aim of the game wasn't to use Instagram to take photos of yourself holding the still-sealed game box, 2K added that the series is experiencing a booming increase in online players over last year's edition - with the number of completed online matches in week 1 being 127% higher than were recorded after a week in last year's game.

Jason Argent - vice president of marketing for 2K Sports - said:

"We owe it to our great fans to continually improve our title – year in and year out – and that’s exactly what we’ve done with NBA 2K13."

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