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Kung Fu Superstar Leaps to Kickstarter

Posted Wed, 31 Oct 2012 by Ken Barnes

Kung Fu Superstar, that is what you are...

Kung Fu Superstar, that is what you are...

Fifth of a million.

The web's most popular crowdfunding site - Kickstarter - opened its doors to UK-based projects this morning, and one of the first on deck was former Lionhead staffer Kostas Zarifis.

He and his new team - collectively known as Kinesthetic Games - announced back in May that they were working on a martial arts title for current generation motion control systems (including Kinect) and are looking to raise £200,000 to round off production and get the product launched.

Kung Fu Superstar is the name of the game, and puts players into the shoes of Danny Cheng - "a young action cinema enthusiast turned international movie star" - as they take part in fight sequences across a number of different movie sets and scripts. Kinesthetic claims that moves are carried out in a manner similar to Dance Central, with the game requiring you to perform the right move at the right time in order to proceed. That's if you're playing in "Director's Cut" mode of course, as there's also an "Improv" mode that allows you to use whichever moves you'd like in order to obtain the maximum cinematic returns.

Kung Fu Superstar has been in development for several months, with the team living off their savings in order to keep things going. From the video and imagery provided on the Kickstarter page, it looks as if the game is relatively close to being complete. Given that pledging £40 sees you get a full copy of the game for any console of your choice, we reckon this will do well and hopefully beat that £200,000 target. We'll bring you more on the game as we get it, and will be keeping our beady eyes on that pledge bar.

Source: kickstarter.com.

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