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Hip Hop Dance Experience Achievements Uncovered

Posted Wed, 24 Oct 2012 by Ken Barnes

Hippity-hop to the barber shop.

Hippity-hop to the barber shop.

Bust a move!

Those lovely folks over at Xbox360Achievements have delved deep into the realms of Xbox Live and uncovered the full achievements list for Ubisoft's upcoming title The Hip Hop Dance Experience.

The game - currently in development with iNiS (The Black Eyed Peas Experience) - will feature tracks from the likes of TLC and Chris Brown, and is due to hit the shelves in November. Given that the Black Eyed Peas title wasn't half bad and contained some pretty cool features, it could well be one to watch for those who are looking for an alternative to Dance Central 3 and Just Dance 4. We'll bring you a full review just as soon as we can, but until then, here's the full achievement list for you to check out.

Welcome! (10G)
Play The Hip Hop Dance Experience

First Steps (10G)
Play 1 song on any difficulty

Keep It Rockin' (40G)
Play 50 songs in total on any difficulty

Rock It Harder! (60G)
Play 200 songs in total on any difficulty

Risin' Up! (20G)
Play 1 song on Go Hard

Paid Your Dues (10G)
Earn SWAG! on Newbie difficulty in Dance Party

Mad Mack Skills (20G)
Earn SWAG! on Mack Skills difficulty in Dance Party

Goin' All Out (30G)
Earn SWAG! on Go Hard difficulty in Dance Party

Silver Triple A (30G)
Earn SWAG! on 3 Mack Skills songs consecutively in Dance Party

Gold Triple A (50G)
Earn SWAG! on 3 Go Hard songs consecutively in Dance Party

Find Your Turf (20G)
Dance at all 6 venues in Dance Party

Wear Out The Record (30G)
Dance all 40 songs

Tough Guy (10G)
Challenge Dance Marathon for the first time

Tough Enough (30G)
Clear 100 dances in Dance Marathon

Stupid Tough (60G)
Clear 250 dances in Dance Marathon

I Work Out (30G)
Cumulatively burn 250 kcal or more in Dance Marathon

Sexy And Ya Know It (60G)
Cumulatively burn 500 kcal or more in Dance Marathon

Rewind! Rewind! (20G)
Play the same song 5 times on any difficulty

That's My Jam (40G)
Play the same song 20 times on any difficulty

It Takes Two (10G)
Play a song with another player for the first time

Meet My Homies (20G)
Encounter all reference dancers in single and multiplayer modes

Warp Speed Ahead! (10G)
Trigger Star Drive before the other player's Star Drive runs out in Dance Party or Dance Battle

Got The Swag (30G)
Both players earn SWAG! on the same song together in Dance Party

Hype Up The Crowd (10G)
Both players earn HYPE!! on a dance at the same time in Dance Party

B-Boy Stance (20G)
Both players strike the final pose together

Hype It Harder! (50G)
Earn 20 HYPE!! In 1 song

Get Schooled (10G)
Practice 1 dance in Power Skooling

Slow It Down (10G)
Activate Slow Tempo Mode in Power Skooling

Knowledge Me (20G)
Practice 5 songs in Power Skooling

You Know My Steez (10G)
Customize and save the player avatar for the first time in the Wardrobe

Original Flavor (20G)
Customize all of your avatar features and styles in the Wardrobe

Many Styles (30G)
Customize and save features or styles 20 times in the Wardrobe

Dress To Impress (10G)
Customize and save both male and female avatars in the Wardrobe

Look At Me Now (50G)
Successfully perform 10 final poses consecutively

Everybody In The House! (10G)
Watch the Credits to the end

Step Up! (10G)
Battle someone for the first time in Dance Battle

Beat Down! (10G)
Win for the first time in Dance Battle

Bring It! (40G)
Win 20 times in Dance Battle

Ain't No Stoppin' Me (20G)
Win 3 consecutive times in Dance Battle

What Handicap? (20G)
Win a Dance Battle on a higher difficulty level than your opponent


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