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Forza Horizon Trailer Confirms Demo

Posted Tue, 02 Oct 2012 by Ken Barnes

Cars and buses and high-speeds, oh my!

Cars and buses and high-speeds, oh my!


Microsoft has released a new trailer for Forza Horizon, the newest member of the Forza Motorsport family.

In dramatic contrast to other games in the series, Forza Horizon provides a more open-world experience than its predecessors, with players being let loose into the game's version of the great state of Colorado, with some of the fastest and shiniest vehicles as company. Gamers will have to obtain "wristbands" in order to unlock new areas and pathways, and these can be collected by driving fast, causing damage, and - obviously - defeating opponents.

From what we played of the game at this year's Eurogamer Expo, things are ticking along nicely, and Forza Horizon is most definitely one to watch this holiday season.

If you can't wait until release day, the new trailer confirms that a huge demo featuring multiple event types is incoming, and will be available for Xbox Live Gold members in a week's time, on 9th of October. Plus, if you download the demo and then play the full game, you'll be given a specially designed custom 2013 SRT Viper GTS to drive around in.

Forza Horizon is released on the 23rd of October in the US, and on the 26th in the UK and Europe.

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