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Forza Horizon Escapes The Grid

Posted Fri, 12 Oct 2012 by Ken Barnes

We could do that in 7 hours.

We could do that in 7 hours.

Road Trip!

To help publicise the launch of Forza Horizon - Microsoft and Turn 10 have announced that they'll be sending 10 supercars on a 1,000 KM road trip from Paris to the Top Gear Live event in Birmingham, UK.

Kicking off on the 23rd October, "Escape The Grid" will see the cars battle it out to find out which one can reach the finish line first, stopping off in a few major cities to give players a taste of the game. 6 "challenges" will take place - although details on what they comprise of is scarce - and 4 individual racing events will be contested. The cars are expected to reach Birmingham on 27th October, after a four day slog that will probably take place at a maximum of 80mph.

Forza Horizon will be released on 26th of October in the UK, and a demo is available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers right now.


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