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Depth Hunter 2 Announced for Kinect

Posted Tue, 18 Sep 2012 by Ken Barnes

Here, fishy, fishy...

Here, fishy, fishy...

First title cancelled...

Independent developer Biart has released a statement confirming that they are working on bringing the second title in their Depth Hunter series to Kinect.

The first title was confirmed as being in development for Kinect earlier in the year, but those plans have now been shelved, despite the game's successful launch on PC. The new game - Depth Hunter 2: Deep Water Adventures - follows on from the first title, challenging players to play the role of a diver, hunting underwater for treasures and rarities. You'll start out with very basic equipment in the beginning, but depending on your success, you'll be able to buy new gear that will allow you to dive deeper and further, for a longer period of time.

Biart are currently negotiating with publishers, and no release date has been confirmed. It looks likely that Depth Hunter 2 will be an Xbox Live Arcade title, but a boxed release has not been ruled out.

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